Wakefield Rotary Club's


North Beach Club House


May 2, 2020

1-5 pm  

Rescheduled Until April 

Join Us & Support

Our Community  

Join us on Saturday, November 16th for an afternoon of Bumper Balls, Cornhole, Trivia & More for a good cause!

Event is 21+  

"Even a small community

can make a

big difference"

© Photo courtesy of BumperBall World + Event World  


May 02, 1:00 PM
North Beach Club House



May 2nd 2020


79 Boston

Neck Rd,


RI 02882


Schedule of Events

1:00 PM  

  • Clubhouse open to process registration of guests.  All guests receive an admission bracelet and sign race waiver.

  • Warm ups and instruction for teams begins.

  • Food and beverage service begins.

  • Music

1:30 PM  

First Race: TIME TRIAL

(est. 3 minutes per team)

  • Teams of 5 will run for best speed as a group. Fastest and slowest runner will determine group time.

  • Only 4 members run and one member serves as a helper to assure Bumpers are properly fitted

  • And to help runners back up when they tip over.

As each team finishes they will move to the Team Trivia Challenge inside the club house.  They will have a 15 minute limit to answer

Questions and then move out to the next race/challenge.

2:45 PM  

Second Race: 2 PERSON RELAY

(est. 6 minutes per team)

  • 2 members of each team will compete in a relay with 5 teams running at a time.  Each team has a Helper to assure proper fit of Bumper and to

  • Assist runners to their feet when tipping over.


The two non-running members at this time will compete in the Corn Hole Tournament.

3:15 PM  

Final Race: 4 PERSON RELAY

(est. 10 minutes per team)

4 runners and one helper with 5 teams running at one time

4:30 PM  

Awards Ceremony


  1. Activities scheduled to keep teams involved the entire time of the event.

  2. “Obstacles” for lack of a better term on the course consist of:

    • 360 degree turn.  Full circle required at specific points on the course as seen in the video.

    • 180 degree turn

                Purpose of the obstacles are to reduce speed and make the course more interesting than just running.

  1. All runners and guests will have wristbands and sign liability waivers even if not running.

  2. TIPS servers handle all adult beverages

  3. The demographic we are focusing on is 21-45 years old.

  4. Clubhouse interior to be used primarily for registration and trivia.

Event Fees

or call Spencer Seitz

at 401 789 1120

Event Sponsors $1,000


  • Full Team (5 member) race registration includes admission bracelets for each team member.  Bracelet allows full access to the event. Plus, 2 free adult beverages to be responsibly consumed.

  • 5 General Admission Bracelets with 2 beverage tickets.

  • Signage at event (Supplied by Sponsor)

  • Welcome Recognition at beginning of event and winner’s presentation ceremony

  • Logo on web page and promotional material

  • Access to props to create your own Challenge video.

  • Team Challenge video posted on website

  • On site promotional opportunity

Team Sponsors $500


  • Full Team (5 member) race registration includes admission bracelets for each team member

  • Each team member receives 2 adult beverage tickets

  • Race sign at event

  • Logo on promotional material

Bumper Buddies $100


  • 1-person admission with bracelet.  Bracelet allows full access to the event. Plus, 2 free adult beverages to be responsibly consumed.

  • Bumper Buddies have the option to join a “pickup team” for the challenge or be plugged into an existing team that is short a member. You do not have to race. This can be a nice way of supporting our charities.


Team Guests  $40


This is how your friends and family get involved to watch you compete.  They will get braceleted and receive beverage tickets.

Make checks payable to Rotary Club of Wakefield



Blackerby Seitz and Associates

730 Kingstown Rd 
Suite B-3

Wakefield RI 02879

Where is the money going?


Our financial goal is to raise $20,000
proposed to be distributed as follows:


     20%   Habitat for Humanity

     20%   Easter Seals

     10%    Johnny Cake Center

     10%   Boy/Girl Scouts

     10%   Domestic Violence Resource Center

     10%   Welcome House

     10%   Clean Water Project

     10%   TBD (Alzheimer’s Research?)

Who Wins? 


Each team will acquire points based on how they finish in three categories:


  1. Combined times of three bumper races

  2. Trivia Score

  3. Corn Hole


The real winners are the charities we support.

Our Sponsors